Pat D.

“Many thanks to the crew at PHS”

“Tried out my new WIDEX aids under all sorts of conditions – they meet or exceed all expectations, and the ZEN program actually does block my tinnitus effectively. Outstanding service and great smiles from all the crew at PHS – Thanks!”

Allen M.

“Peninsula Hearing is the best around.”

“I get the best service, the best treatment, and the best price. You can’t go wrong with them.”

Patti B.

“When my dad needed hearing aids, I just didn’t know what to do.”

“From the minute I called Peninsula Hearing, I knew that was the place that I wanted to take dad.”

Naomi V.

“Dr. Martin took wonderful care during my 13-week premature baby’s tests, and her office staff generously helped me get my questions and needs met!”

“I’m looking forward to continuing my daughter’s follow-up care at Peninsula Hearing Services.”

Tom R.

“Dr. Martin is the most knowledgeable and caring provider…”

“that I have ever been to and the staff at Peninsula Hearing Services is wonderful. I recommend that anyone who thinks they have a hearing problem to schedule an appointment with Dr. Martin.”

Brett S.

“Dr. Martin knows just how to treat people.”

“I feel like family there, and my wife loves it there, too!”

John A.

“I am extremely happy with the care that I received…”

“while getting some replacement hearing aids. Dr. Martin and the staff are wonderful. Dr. Martin also took good care of my father while he was alive.”

Gayle S.

“Dr. Martin and her staff were more than happy to help me.”

“I also learned that Dr. Martin is very knowledgeable, and took the time to explain different technology and pricing options so that I could make an informed decision on my next set of hearing aids. I was very impressed by the staff and professionalism at Peninsula Hearing Services.”

Aileen N.

“If you are looking for hearing treatment, there is no better place to go.”

“I recommend Peninsula Hearing to all my friends.”

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